David Ben Moshe
1 min readApr 11, 2022

“What is your occupation?”

The Torah leaves out lots of information you want to know, and it repeats the apparently mundane.

When the Israelites arrive in Egypt, Yosef tells them that he will go up to Pharoah and say to him that they are shepherds. (Genesis 46:31–32)

Yosef also warns them that Pharoah will ask about their occupation, and they should inform him that they are shepherds. (Genesis 46: 33–34)

Then we are brought to the meeting between Pharoah and representatives of the Israelites, Pharoah as the question, “What is your occupation?”

And they answer as directed, “we are shepherds, and so were our fathers.” (Genesis 47:3)

We can learn from this the importance of knowing your occupation. How do you occupy your time? What work do you do that adds value to society?

No matter the occupation, it can prepare you for something extraordinary; remember, King David started as a shepherd.