Increased Because of Suffering

David Ben Moshe
2 min readApr 17, 2022


What is the best response to suffering? Bad things happen to us all; sometimes, they are the direct consequences of poor decision-making; other times, life is unfair. Either way, suffering is an unavoidable fact of this world.

Reading today’s chapter, Exodus 1, I was struck by the first half of the 12th verse:

“But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew.”

During those times we are suffering, we can choose our response. We can shrink and try to disappear, hoping that the pain shrinks with us.

Or we can use it as the opportunity to grow, to increase. Growth may seem like an impossible response when we are suffering.

But if you believe in redemption, a better future, it is the only response. Because if your shrink yourself, or your people, too small, you might disappear, and then you won’t be there to see the better future.

And by continuing to grow, you are becoming more resilient. This preparation is critical because the next step could be worse than the present instead of better, and things often get worse before they get better.

If you prepare for your situation to worsen, and instead, it improves, the adjustments you need to make are easy. But if you expect the next phase to be better and life kicks you again, you might crumble.